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Water Main Replacement & Repair


Now offering water main replacement and repair in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Lions Bay, and Squamish.

Replacing Your Water Main

Residential drainage system water lines have a lifespan of 25-50 years after which time they need to be replaced. A water main can start to leak when the there is corrosion in the pipe, poor backfilling around the pipe, ground movement, or ground freezing. No matter what causes the leaking in your existing water supply, once it starts happening your water main needs to be replaced.

The steps involved in water main replacement are:

    • The water main to the house water supply is shut off at the street connection.
    • The main shutoff for the house is closed.
    • A temporary line can be run from your outside hose to a neighbor’s hose to keep the water service to your house using a female-to-female hose connector. This allows you to still have water during the water main replacement work.
    • A trench with a minimum depth of 24 inches (2 feet) is dug from the municipal water connection to your house.
    • A new copper water main is installed in the trench and connected to the municipal water connection.
    • The new water line is sleeved through your foundation wall using minimally disruptive techniques, and connected to a new main water shutoff and pressure-reducing valve.
    • The water pressure in the house is checked and adjusted.
    • The new water main is sealed at the foundation wall to stop water from flooding or leaking into the house.
    • Water to from the municipal line is turned back on and the system in the house tested for leaks. During this process, taps will need to be turned on in the kitchens and bathrooms to reduce the chance of “water hammer,” an annoying banging noise in your pipes.
    • The trench is backfilled and your property cleaned up.


Cerc is pleased to be expanding our client services to include water main replacement. We bring our solid reputation and exceptional customer service to the table, offering you the same quality that we are known for when replacing your water main. If you need to replace your water supply line in Vancouver, Burnaby, the Trinities, the North Shore or anywhere in or near the GVRD, call us today at 604 889 0251.