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Time for Perimeter Drainage Repair Work?

What is perimeter drainage? This is the system which exists on the exterior your home to bring water flow, rainwater runoff, and wastewater out and away from the foundation. Foundation drainage solutions include replacing tiles, adding newer plumbing, or sometimes elevating pipes so that there is no backflow. Something as simple as a sewer snake is sometimes all that you need. The first step when you have a situation where you need to get French drain repair or another type of work done is to do an inspection with a drain camera. This helps identify the exact location of the problem.

Perimeter drainage repair is necessary any time that the system for draining excess water away from a house or building foundation has been damaged. Sometimes you may not realise that you need to have repairs done to your underground pipe or basement drains until some expensive signs appear. Or you may think that you need expensive perimeter drainage repair work or extensive drainpipe replacement. While this could be costly, there are many steps which can be taken before your entire perimeter drainage system needs to be replaced.

Prevention and Warning Signs of Drainage System Failure

There are a few standard warning signs that your drainage system needs help. Water leaking into your basement or crawl space is one sign. Another is foundation cracks which occur because interior drainage systems are not meant to relieve the hydrostatic pressure against your foundation. That is the job of your exterior drain system. Damp or musty smells indoors can be another indicator of a problem. Slow flowing septic pipes, or even bathtubs which take increasing amounts of time to drain, are also good signs that somewhere in your drainage system, you have a problem. Any pipes which begin to back up are also signs of a problem with your drainage system. For instance, a double kitchen sink where one side of the sink begins to expel water when you are draining out the other side.

Regular maintenance of your drainage system can help prevent a lot of the more expensive problems. Either they are caught early, or maintenance is performed which avoids the issue altogether. Instead of using a drain cleaner in your sink and then calling when the blockage is nearly complete, having a regular drain clean can be a more economical solution. When maintaining a drainage system, inspections are performed approximately every three months. It is usually recommended to follow your recommended schedule which is designed for each season of the year. This ensures that your drain maintenance suits your season. For instance, different checks and preventative measures may be performed in autumn and Winter compared to Spring and Summer.

Free Drainage System Inspections

One way to find out the condition of your foundation drainage systems is by getting an inspection done. One of our experienced technicians will come to your location and perform an on site inspection, looking at above ground signs and scoping the system itself with a drainage scoping camera. We will then offer a free no obligation quote so that you know exactly what needs to be done and how much it may cost.

Once the problem’s source is identified, your drain cleaning company can tell you whether you will require a plumbing snake or other drain cleaning service. Sometimes you may need pipe or tile repairs. Common problems in drainage include sediment build up or blockages, your sump outlet line is too short due to damage or is blocked causing your drainage to not reach the municipal storm system, your sump pumps are not great enough for the amount of water they must pump – sometimes they need replacing or repairing. From drain snake work to upgrading an entire system, there are many options to choose in order to stay within your budget and keep your system working.