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If you are a homeowner in Vancouver and realize that you have a problem in the water lines, you might be filled with a sudden sense of dread. All you can think about is the huge cost and total disruption to your yard that finding and fixing the problem will take.

The great news is that trenchless pipe repair is a simple solution to clogged, cracked, and broken pipes. It is cost-effective, quick, and does not cause the kind of disruption that old pipe repair jobs used to.

What’s Changed?


In the past when a homeowner was suspicious that their pipes were in trouble, they would call a repair company to come in and assess the situation. From there, it often involved some guesswork to find where the problem was, and then excavation would begin that completely disrupted the landscape.


Today, trenchless pipe repair is becoming the go-to solution for pipe damage and water line problems in Vancouver. Thanks to advances in technology, this method is simple and effective. First, a repair company will come in and feed a tool that is essentially a camera affixed to a flexible wire through the pipes. The camera feed provides a clear picture of what is going on in the pipes. This non-invasive approach provides an accurate assessment of where and what the exact nature of the problem is.

2 Main Trenchless Repair Options


There are generally two trenchless repair options that pipe repair companies in Vancouver use to fix the problem once it’s found. They can either access the line from one end and feed a new pipe through to replace it. Or the older system can be lined with a new pipe and sealed off, preventing any further issues. Either way, these new methods are highly resistant to further damage like cracking or breaking. Once they are done, they should last many, many years to come.


Trenchless water line repair in Vancouver has a lot of benefits. For one, it is much more cost-effective and accurate and can be done in less time. The old method required some guesswork, which is basically eliminated from the trenchless method. Also, gardens and lawns are kept intact, and that is great news for the ecosystem of plants and animals that live there. Homeowners are relieved that they won’t need to redo the landscaping surrounding the problem, in fact, it probably won’t be disturbed at all.


Pipe repair in Vancouver has greatly benefitted from these advancements in technology. The small cameras are high def and can worm through the pipes to not only provide a clear picture of where the damage is, but exactly why the damage happened in the first place. From there, repairs are much easier to get done.


Damage does happen, especially in Vancouver where the landscape is lush and full of rain — sometimes flash flooding and a lot of rainfall. Roots are a regular source of damage to older pipes as they grow and exploit any cracks in the existing pipes. So while pipe repair needs to happen every now and again, the good news is that trenchless repair can be done quickly and with very little disruption to the surrounding system.


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