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There are plenty of things we take for granted that make our lives easy and comfortable – especially the utilities that keep the lights on, the house warm, and the water running.

The water line that runs into your home is a pressurized system that sends water to gush forth from the faucet when you open the tap. It’s an impressive feat of engineering and city planning but since it is out of sight, most people probably spend very little time thinking about it.

Like anything, the water line can undergo damage and may eventually need water line repair or replacement. But how will you know?

Here are four common signals that the water line to your home is in need of some attention.

Four Common Signals Your Waterline Need Repair

Reduced water pressure

If you get into the shower and there is a slow trickle rather than the usual blast of water, or if you’ve noticed a drop in water pressure when you turn the tap on to wash your hands, there is a good chance the water line needs some attention.

Appliances not working correctly

If it appears that your dishwasher or washing machine seems to be leaving soapy residue or not getting things clean, there may be a lack of water feeding into the appliance. If you determine that the machine is functioning properly, there might be a problem further down the (water) line.

Spike in bills

If there is a sudden increase in your water bill, and no reasonable explanation for it (maybe you just got your garden in the ground and started watering it twice a day), there’s a chance that water is seeping out of the line before it gets to your faucets.

Pooling water

Have you noticed strange puddles of water dotting your yard or accumulating on your property, and it hasn’t rained in days? Or perhaps your lawn is soggy in areas that don’t make a lot of sense. A broken water line might be responsible for the appearance of pooling water.

Sound of water

Not to be mistaken with water moving through the pipes in the walls, a water line break or leak might produce a number of watery sounds, even with the taps off. If you are hearing gushing water or a constant drip that doesn’t seem to have a source, the cause might be a water line leak.

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